close loop gasification processThe primary cell is filled with waste fuel stock, with no pre-sorting required. Then the primary is closed and sealed, so as to insure proper gasification parameters. The primary is heated and, in a short time (< 1 hour), begins to produce gas from the waste stream.

The temperature is maintained for 12-18 hours, during which time the feed stock vaporizes into volatile gases. When the gases are drawn off to the secondary, air is injected and ignition occurs.

This creates a heat stream of approximately 1800 degrees (F).

This heat can be used for a variety of applications, or to run a turbine connected to a generator to produce electricity.

After the feed stock has been vaporized, the primary cools for a short time, after which the recyclables can be retrieved. Periodically the ash accumulated in the primary needs to be removed, usually by industrial vacuum.

The cycles may be summarized as:

  • FILL
  • ¬†COOL
  • ¬†CLEAN