ARTEC’s unique gasification process provides reliable energy reclamation (and simultaneously, waste disposal) from most streams of discarded, combustible materials from agriculture, manufacturing, food processing, hotel/resort operations, office complexes (where disposal of confidential or classified document destruction is required), military installations, dump site clean up, and other situations which require the management of diverse wastes.

wasteARTEC applications can be divided into industrial and municipal sectors while both focus on the same two issues: raising revenues and cutting costs. The ARTEC system addresses both successfully.

For the industrial user a ARTEC unit can cut waste removal costs to almost zero and provide savings in electrical and natural gas costs. The system produces thermal energy from the waste stream, which, if utilized properly, can increase profit margins considerably.

For the municipal user, a ARTEC unit can substantially reduce the cost of waste disposal.

All costs associated with disposal to landfill are eliminated. The municipality will still operate garbage trucks to make curbside collections, but they will never leave town.

On the revenue side, a ARTEC system can be used in conjunction with power generation equipment to create electricity for the city’s internal use or sale back to the grid. No more transfer stations and no more long haul trucking. In this scenario, the streets and sanitation department could transform itself from a large cost center for the city into a sustainable, dependable source of revenue.