TURN WASTE INTO GREEN ENERGYARTEC, incorporated in 2001, has created and patented a technology that offers both a practical solution to a global need for an alternative energy source and an effective and environmentally friendly means of waste disposal.

ARTEC’s simple, clean, and economically feasible gasification technology generates significant thermal energy for a wide range of uses and offers a sound solution for waste management issues for industry and municipalities alike.

ARTEC’s gasification technology recovers hidden energy values stored in all forms and types of wastes, converting liabilities into assets, while substantially reducing costs over time.

ARTEC’s low temperature gasification process allows its end users to cost effectively produce energy while reducing their waste stream.

All of this is accomplished without generating the harmful greenhouse gas emissions typically associated with common waste disposal methods such as land filling and incineration.

What differentiates ARTEC’s technology from similar processes is its ability to cost effectively implement its design in both custom built units (CBUs), most effective in broad market and industrial applications, and transportable gasification units (TGUs), scalable from 2 to 20 tons and catering to smaller, individual waste producing consumers.

By creating a low cost, and highly efficient and adaptable waste gasification unit, ARTEC has been able to redefine and considerably scale its potential customer base, giving it the advantage over much larger and costlier alternatives.