waste4Under precise conditions the volatization of carbon-based materials is controlled by oxidation and temperature. The ARTEC units will gasify almost any combustible solid material, various sludges, and liquids when combined with combustible solids.

This would include, but are not limited to: municipal solid waste, wood waste, green waste, tires, hospital/medical wastes, roofing material, waste pallets, industrial plastic scrap, packaging materials, and food/kitchen wastes.

Examples of sludges would include: oil and grease, paint sludge, municipal waste water treatment ‘cake’, animal manure/poultry litter, and industrial cutting oil/metal shavings.The system is not designed to process nuclear wastes, explosives, toxic or hazardous substances (strong acids or base materials, heavy metals, etc.).

Further, the system does not function on homogeneous loads of dense, wet material, such as sawdust, drilling muds, and petroleum refinery sludge.