why gasification
Typical ton of MSW contains:
Aluminum: 26 lbs
Ferrous Metal: 112 lbs
Energy Equivalent: 60 gal of oil

The process of gasification has been practiced for many decades. Gasification converts organic materials into hydrogen and carbon monoxide, i.e. syngas, which can subsequently be converted into energy.

Until recently, the cost of a gasification unit did little to justify its need, as fossil fuels and land capacity remained relatively cheap and abundant.

Today, with rising oil costs, depleting reserves, decreasing landfill space, and air and water quality concerns, we are forced to reconsider our options, and seek alternative sources of energy generation such as gasification.

ARTEC has been able to successfully address concerns of cost and efficiency by developing a patented low cost gasification unit that is built according to site and user specifications.

Its technology design eliminates the need to sort and/or pre-process waste, reducing the number of mechanical components, thus making the system highly reliable and easy to operate.

This system will economically waste3and environmentally allow your waste to work for you. Our technology recovers energy from waste material and converts it into heat or electricity. ARTEC technology meets or exceeds all current EPA and Canadian air emission standards.